Effort and skill demonstration is not only required during the building of a charming hotel rather it is a continued process and one has to manage the procedures and services day to day. The comfort of guests cannot be compromised at any stage therefore it is a need to add a personalized touch to the charming hotel.

Management and Staff

Charming hotels are of appeal when they possess a distinctive character, perceived quality value, based in a good location, and add to the personalized service. Consumers and the guests expect that when they go out for a business meeting, trip, or family outing that they will be provided with a feeling like their office and home. Therefore, they expect that the room of the hotel is more than a bed and they are provided with the latest technologies of television, communication, and internet connectivity. Personality, ambience, and character are though simple to discuss but they are quite difficult to be accustomed to quality the hotel.

Often the hotels are not built at an enchanting and peaceful place, but the services within the hotel need to uplift the weaknesses of location. Management focuses on making the experience of hotel for the guests an amazing and memorable one and add to an integral part of their lives. It offers a welcoming and friendly experience to the guests and the neighbors as well who reside aside the hotel. In doing so, it is important to manage the hotel by providing services to the customers including an active reception, room service, food quality, in-time supply of essentials, resources, electricity, water, connectivity services, and entertainment etc.

Management has to keep a check on all the services and the service providers to make sure that they are working for the provision of quality service to the customers. The customers are to be provided with access to all the facilities and even memberships are given to those who are regular guests. Often, the focus is on the boutiques and nearby places for recreation which provide best services to the customers with maintenance of quality standards. Convenience of the guests is of prior and integral importance which is not compromised at any cost along with providing them facilities according to their feasibility. The management is not bound to limits for the effective grooming and renovation of the hotel and they want an up to mark standard for the guests.