Hey I’m Morgan from the very unofficial travel guides and this is the I have to look at the name NoHo not Palace residence and the charm of hotel in the heart of Rome we’re staying here for two days before we depart on the Norwegian Epic and I thought I’d take the time to show you around I think this is a good pre Cruise Hotel it’s in a very nice location it’s I mean I don’t know what you’d compare it to but I think for the price that we paid there’s a lot of room here and the location is fantastic.

Take a look around so here we go this is the first impression and I was a little bit surprised because when you first come in this is open like to the inside of the hotel but it’s kind of cool and it’s at first I was like oh geez well good thing I noticed this and wasn’t walking around like naked but you wouldn’t be walking around naked at this part anyways alright the hallway continues along here and then you come to the living room that’s andreas and it’s very moderately furnished see-through plastic chairs leather couch these very modern tables and here in the closet let me pull it open the light goes out all right telephone here’s the desk there is a television here and then if we walk through here this is the bedroom and they put the beds together so it’s one big bed and it’s very nicely furnished you can see in the mirror there’s also a television here and now the question the question I always ask what is the bathroom door like so the bathroom door is a railroad bathroom you can go through it and this is a real door that closes which of course is so nice here is a bathtub and shower and here’s the crapper and a bidet and this side does have a sliding door but look like it really slides closed.

There’s you know like a an extra space in here so it really closes so bonus points for that there you go like I said we’re gonna be departing on the epic in two days so look forward to those videos coming up and if you want to see other hotel room tours be sure to subscribe to my channel here and do some searching also I’ve got lots of cruise ship tours and theme park reviews and vlogs and things like that so subscribe follow me on Facebook Instagram and Twitter and I’m going to give you a secret word the secret word is pigeon.